Student Safety: How to Maximize Your Students’ Security during Study abroad

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The safety and well-being of students when they travel academically is one of the major concerns when choosing a suitable destination or provider.

Alandis’ years of experience have shown us that industry professionals, academic institutions, and parents prioritize ensuring safety as a number one priority.

This requirement has been reinforced in recent years. The pandemic has added new requirements and led to more protocols. Indeed, the Russia-Ukraine conflict has added other fears, too.

2022/04 Educational Travel March Roundup: New Industry Reconfiguration


Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash Hopeful prospects for the tourism industry. A new reconfiguration of the economy, maintaining the desire to travel and the adaptation of agents to new trends. Travel news Key Factors for the Post-Pandemic Recovery of the Tourism Sector: Achieving a more resilient, sustainable, and digital tourism industry. How? By […]

Russia-Ukraine conflict: how will the developing conflict affect tourism?

Russia-Ukraine Conflict and its impact on travel and tourism

An unexpected and unimaginable war reshaping the economic and political terrain is taking place. 

Every sector has looming doubts over the stability of its future.

The UNWTO stated tourism is “a bridge to understanding. It has a unique capacity to promote peace between peoples around the world.” 

Hopefully, all tourism stakeholders – from immediately affected countries and governments that rely heavily on tourism to private-sector travel operators – can work together to overcome the short, medium, and long-term challenges to come.

Here’s our breakdown of the immediately obvious repercussions and consequences on the tourism industry. 👇

Sustainable Trends: Key Factors for the Post-Pandemic Recovery of the Tourism Sector

The debate is on.

Throughout February, the European Travel Commission (the ETC) – boards of directors of national tourism authorities and their investigators – have discussed policies, best practices, and management tools to help executives and managers lead the way in the recovery of tourism. 

The aim is to develop resilient, sustainable strategies to meet the new challenges of the tourism ecosystem.

2021/12 | Educational Travel December Roundup: Resilience and Collaboration

Photo by Karim MANJRA on Unsplash

Photo by Karim MANJRA on Unsplash The month of December has brought us the worst of omens. Just when we thought that everything was slowly returning to normal, Omicron arrived to put the brakes on.   The industry reinvents itself, the word resilience becomes familiar and the demands on a vaccinated population become greater.    […]

Educational Travel November 2021 Roundup: Sustainability, Strategy, Goals & Recovery

November Newsletter

There is no doubt that sustainability has been the hot topic of this month, marked by COP26 – the 26th UN Climate Change Conference held in the UK. New, urgent goals and objectives were established and all participants highlighted the need for international cooperation. Meanwhile, slowly but gradually, companies are starting to take more action […]