Language Immersion Programs in Spain, Cuba & Puerto Rico

Customized language immersion programs with rich immersive learning experiences

Immersion Programs: what we offer

A language immersion program focuses on significantly improving your students' language skills in a reduced period of time thanks to language exposure and immersion activities.

Alandis Travel’s language immersion programs offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fully immerse your students in a new language and culture. Our programs are tailor-made to meet the specific interests and goals of each individual participant. 

Our immersion programs offer a unique blend of language learning, cultural immersion, and hands-on experiences that combine to rapidly improve your students language comprehension and cultural appreciation while leaving a lasting impression on a truly once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Renowned high schools and universities choose to work with us year after year because Alandis specializes in engineering language-learning situations with locals throughout the program, from community service activities to participating in cultural events or spending time with local families. Students have ample opportunities to dialogue with native speakers on a wide variety of topics and themes.

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What to expect when customizing your immersion program?

What languages are available?

If you have alternative languages in mind, reach out and let us know.

The Alandis Travel Promise

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What can be included?

Our programs are entirely customizable and adaptable to your specific preferences and needs.

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Benefits of Alandis' language immersion programs

Interested in more information about our language immersion programs for high schools?

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