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Professional Development and Collaborative Opportunities

Discover Alandis Travel’s dedicated space for educators, focused on enhancing teaching skills and fostering global collaboration for professional development.

Customized Programs for Educator Groups

We offer private group trips designed around your educational goals and interests, enabling you to explore the world with your peers, alumni, friends, and family, or for specialized research stays in groups, without the confines of formal academic requirements.

We offer a free consultation or planning session for an upcoming trip idea you have. Discuss your vision with our experts and see how we can bring it to life.
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What sets us apart?

Our commitment to logistical excellence and personalized attention ensures your journey is as enlightening as it is seamless.

What further distinguishes us is our deep cultural insight and educational expertise. We leverage an extensive network of local experts and educators, ensuring that each journey is not only culturally immersive but also academically enriching. Additionally, our focus on sustainable and responsible travel practices means that your experience contributes positively to the communities you visit.

Programs for all fields and requirements

Alandis specializes in creating in-depth experiences tailored to diverse academic fields and personal interests, from music and history to art and beyond.

We organize specialist workshops, curated events, and exclusive entries to enrich your journey. Our tailored trips are enhanced by professional guides and connections with local experts and educators, ensuring a trip that transcends conventional travel, immerses you in real-life learning, and promotes authentic cultural exchange.
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Group Immersion Programs for Educators

Our Immersion Programs for Educators are comprehensive language learning experiences designed to enhance teaching skills through cultural immersion and real-world interaction in English or Spanish-speaking environments. Educators participate in tailored activities and workshops, improving their linguistic abilities and cultural understanding, thereby enriching their teaching methodologies and classroom engagement.

1.Immersive Language Learning Experience

Discover Real-World Spanish: Dive deep into the Spanish language with our immersive programs tailored for educators. Engage in practical, everyday scenarios that go beyond textbook learning to real-world communication. Experience the culture, traditions, and the living language in vibrant Spanish-speaking communities. This hands-on approach not only enhances your linguistic skills but also provides insights into cultural nuances, making your teaching more authentic and impactful.

2.Cultural Integration and Understanding

Embrace Spanish Culture Fully: Our Spanish immersion programs for educators are designed to provide a holistic cultural experience. From historical tours to culinary workshops, each activity is crafted to deepen your understanding of Spanish culture. This cultural integration aids educators in bringing a rich, authentic context to their language teaching, allowing students to learn Spanish within its cultural backdrop, fostering a more engaging and comprehensive learning environment.

3.Collaborative Learning and Networking

Connect with Like-Minded Educators: Benefit from a network of educators sharing the same journey of language and cultural discovery. Our programs encourage collaboration and exchange of teaching strategies among peers. This collaborative environment not only enriches your experience but also expands your professional network. Share insights, teaching materials, and innovative approaches to language education, and return to your classroom with renewed inspiration and valuable connections.
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Program Destinations

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Our specialty is creating innovative academic programs for groups in Spanish-speaking destinations, providing an enriching environment through unique experiences.

Seville Spain

Seville, Spain

🎓 Universidad de Sevilla
🎓 Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Barcelona Spain

Barcelona, Spain

🎓 Universitat Pompeu Fabra
🎓 Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
🎓 Elisava Facultad de Diseño e Ingeniería

Alicante Spain

Alicante, Spain

🎓 Universidad de Alicante

Havana Cuba

Havana, Cuba

🎓 Universidad de la Habana
🎓 Centro de Estudios Sociológicos y Psicológicos (CIPS)

Cordoba Argentina

Cordoba, Argentina

🎓 Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

San Juan Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico

🎓 Universidad Sagrado Corazón

International Networking & Event Organization

Discover the power of custom educational events, seminars, and conferences with Alandis Travel. Partner with us to design events that align perfectly with your educational objectives, enhance networking opportunities, and promote professional development. Start your journey towards impactful educational programming—reach out to us now to see how we can bring your vision to life.
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WESIPS Biennial Conferences

Alandis and our partners at SSA organize the biennial WESIPS conferences which bring together a cadre of internationally recognized scholars to address the underlying causes of warfare, environmental degradation, and social inequality from a host of interdisciplinary and theoretical perspectives.

We help our hosts manage the international venue, on-site staff, visa and passport support, event registration, speaker submissions, and more.
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Academic Research Programs

Unlock the opportunity to engage in meaningful academic research in Spain. Collaborate with esteemed Spanish academic institutions and experience the rich benefits of cross-cultural exchange. Elevate your teaching and research—connect with us today to explore how you can transform your academic pursuits into a global adventure.
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Online Language Classes

Unlock the potential of online language learning with Alandis Travel. Our tailored online language classes for professors and teachers are designed to meet your educational goals, enhance your linguistic skills, and promote professional growth. Engage in interactive, immersive experiences that fit your schedule. Begin your journey towards fluency and excellence in language education—contact us today to learn how we can support your development.
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Alandis Advisory & Guidance

Improving Your Classroom

Guides & Resources

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What makes Alandis special?

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Decades of Expertise:

With over 50 years in the educational travel industry, Alandis Travel brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in creating and managing customized educator programs.

Academic Partnerships

Strong alliances with top Spanish universities and educational institutions allow us to provide academically rigorous programs backed by authoritative knowledge and resources.

All-Inclusive Solutions

From itinerary planning to on-the-ground implementation, we manage every detail to deliver a seamless experience. This includes accommodation, transport, workshops, cultural excursions, and more.

Educator-Centric Approach

At Alandis Travel, our educator-centric approach prioritizes the health, safety, and enriching experience of educators, ensuring their well-being and professional growth while exploring the world.

Sustainability Focus

Recognizing the importance of responsible travel, we integrate ecological and social sustainability practices into our programs, including activities that generate income for local communities and minimize environmental impact.

Localized Knowledge

Specializing in Spanish-speaking destinations like Spain, Cuba, and Puerto Rico, our expertise extends beyond travel logistics to deep cultural insights, ensuring an authentic and immersive experience that goes beyond the typical tourist path.

Customizable Programs

With a heavy focus on tailor-made programs, we possess unparalleled flexibility to meet the precise academic needs of our clients, ensuring each educator journey is unique and impactful.

Commitment to Quality

We exercise meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of our service, from customer accommodation and program content to the selection of expert local guides.

Professional and Reliable Team

Our team of experts is not only skilled in logistics and intercultural education but is also committed to responding to any eventuality with professionalism and reliability.

Transparency and Communication

Transparency and communication are pivotal in our partnerships, ensuring educators are fully informed and engaged throughout the planning and execution of their professional journeys.

Successful case studies

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