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Travel Logistics Management for Spanish Studies Abroad

Spanish Studies Abroad

SSA promotes student learning
through university level cultural
travel programs in Spanish speaking countries

International Travel for U.S. University Students in Spanish Speaking Countries

Spanish Studies Abroad Spanish Studies Abroad has been providing unique learning experiences in Latin American countries and Spain since 1969.



Alandis Travel has been managing all bookings for all its venues since 1969. Positioned among one of the leading companies in the sector, thanks to Alandis Travel, SSA is experiencing sustained growth over the years and generating new opportunities by expanding its specialized cultural travel services. We offer study tours designed to provide unique learning experiences to expand the vision of the world through immersion in other countries.

Present at every stage of the journey

Support in all travel processes, adapting to the needs of each university. 

We manage bookings, accommodations,
excursions, tours, visits, reservations, cultural exchanges, workshops, conferences and local bilingual expert guides. We emphasize maximum attention to detail and professionalism, adapting to changing situations.

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I have always been very impressed with the diligence and efficiency of the Alandis Travel team. Every time I have requested a proposal, a price quote or suggestions for new cultural activities, the team has responded almost immediately with flexibility and creativity; this is very much appreciated from the client’s point of view. They also pay attention to detail. The itineraries are carefully crafted and there is always a “Plan B” if an activity gets cancelled for reasons beyond their control. The team is very friendly and professional and I highly recommend their services without hesitation.
Profile photo Michelle Duran
Dr. Michelle Durán
Director of Academic Affairs
Spanish Studies Abroad