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Alandis Travel was conceived to offer ‘unconventional tourists’ the opportunity to discover the cultural heritage of the countries they visit. Through tailor-made experiences we invite them to discover the most authentic gastronomy, history, culture and heritage rooted in genuine local customs and traditions.

More than 50 years of experience working on educational tour programs in Spanish-speaking destinations make us a reliable, efficient and trustworthy partner. A genuine, professional team with excellent attention to detail ensures that each program meets the highest quality standards. Our meticulous approach is what permits us to respond efficiently to our customers’ demands.

Alandis Travel is a worldwide reference for socio-cultural immersion, thanks to our expert local knowledge. We work constantly to remain a step ahead within the sector, thanks to ongoing creative initiatives proposed by our logistics team to meet travelers’ forever changing needs and expectations.

Our Vision

Alandis Travel‘s aim is to become a trusted partner for  the best guided educational experiences in the travel sector.

We already have – and seek to continually improve – a reputation for adapting to each customer’s needs and proposing unique, exclusive social and cultural immersive experiences.

Our values


Alandis' 50+ years and extensive experience in the sector is reflected in our whole team's professionalism; we are a group of local experts and international logistics experts with extensive knowledge of the sector and its target clients.


Alandis always works to guarantee the very highest quality standards. Being meticulous in our work is how we manage unexpected situations without issue. We go to any lengths to reach perfection on all our programs.


Excellent service and honest, open dialogues with our customers are key to our success. Since the very beginning we have always designed programs to strike the perfect balance between quality, price, and service. We expect the customer to feel the real value of what they're receiving.


We love our work and we enjoy what we do. Because our goal is to meet our customers' expectations and create unforgettable memories through our trips and a deeper understanding of the destination.

Customer Service

We believe that full-time support and guidance is best for our travellers, and we develop our programs to ensure we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at your disposal. Your group leader will remain by your side from the beginning to the very end of your trip - an essential part of your experience.


We are a trustworthy, highly-qualified team that you can guarantee will be available for all our customers before, during and after every single trip.


We respond to the needs of our clients and our travellers in the fastest and most communicative way possible to ensure that all requests are answered.

The Alandis Travel Difference

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To your customers

Customer-first philosophy

Exceptional customer experience

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Our staff

At Alandis Travel we are proud to have a great team of professionals with offices in Spain and Latin America, focused on the same objective: to offer the best educational travel experience for the customer, thanks to our extensive network of tourism providers and our “on-site staff”, travel consultants who work with passion and enthusiasm to make everything perfect. 

Get To Know Us

vinetas 3
Sofia Cruz

Sofía Cruz

Site Coordinator, Spain

Sofía was born in Miami, Florida but came to live to Seville at the age of 4. Ever since she has been going back and forth although her she considers herself more “Sevillana” than anything else. She is a professional actress, graduated from the Royal Superior School of Performing Arts of Madrid and has been working in several plays and tours around Spain and other countries.

She has combined her artistic career with teaching English to children and young adults. She is in love with Seville and Spain in general, and understands well the cross-cultural experience.

Covadonga Hortal 2

Covadonga Hortal

Site Coordinator, Spain

Covadonga Hortal is passionate about education travel and has always wanted to specialize in the field. She graduated from University with a degree in tourism and moved to the UK after graduation in order to improve her language skills. 

Back in Spain, she led her first travel program in 1999 and continues to enjoy leading groups. She is a certified English teacher, speaks fluent Spanish, some French, and is currently learning Chinese. In Covadonga’s free time, she enjoys learning about other cultures.

Fidel Acosta

Luis Fidel Acosta

Site Coordinator, Cuba

Luis Fidel Acosta is an educator and holds a Master´s degree in Historical Sciences. He works as a professor of Cuban History at the University of Havana. Teaching has always been his passion, either in front of a classroom full of students, or with a group of visitors eager to learn more about the history, culture and traditions of Cuba. 

He has been working as a tour guide since approximately 2017, while continuing his job as a university professor. He has taken several courses related to Cuban historical-cultural heritage, ecology and environment. He likes to share and exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge with people from all places and countries.

Dalila Jimenez scaled

Dalila Jiménez

Site Coordinator, Cuba

Dalila was born in Havana, Cuba. She has a degree in Economics by the University of Havana, even though she has been working mainly in Tourism. She has been studying English since she was a teenager as well as Italian, which she chose as her third language in school. 

Her work in the hospitality sector, has made her improve her English greatly. She has worked at Students Across Programs for four years. She loves touring the country, meeting new people and engaging with them. And of course, she knows the secrets of the city of Havana very well.


Juan C. Toledano Redondo

"Traveling overseas is stressful. Particularly if you are leading a group of young students who are full of expectations.

In these circumstances, putting your trust in a reliable company becomes the most important decision you make. I had the opportunity to lead three semester-long programs in Spain, and on all of them, Alandis Travel was in charge of organizing the logistics of the internal trips, with visits from Almería, Granada, and Madrid to Asturias and Salamanca. After many days traveling through Spain, visiting many cities, my groups were always extremely satisfied with hotels, restaurants, and activities.

Without the efficiency and knowledgeable tour guides provided by Alandis Travel, my experience as a program leader would not have been as memorable as it was. I cherished every minute."

Juan C. Toledano Redondo
Professor of Hispanic Studies (WLL) Lewis & Clark College
Michelle Durán

"I have always been very impressed with the diligence and efficiency of the Alandis Travel team.

Every time I have requested a proposal, a price quote or suggestions for new cultural activities, the team has responded almost immediately with flexibility and creativity; this is very much appreciated from the client’s point of view. They also pay attention to detail. The itineraries are carefully crafted and there is always a “Plan B” if an activity gets cancelled for reasons beyond their control.

The team is very friendly and professional and I highly recommend their services without hesitation"

Michelle Duran
Director of Academic Affairs & Resident Director for Seville at Spanish Studies Abroad

"What I always liked about Alandis Travel is the great skill for adapting respect of any unforeseen event that may occur and how they have known to give solution.

Organizing study tours in Cuba is no easy task, especially when our customers have a high level of requirements. Alandis Travel has always given us a solution adapted to our necessities, rigorousness and themes for our tours, offering us a high quality service that's really difficult to find, given the circumstances in Cuba where political/logistical changes take place every day.

What's more I have always received close attention from the Alandis team, which makes me feel secure with our customers."

Rocío Haro
Site Director for Cuba at Spanish Studies Abroad
Ginette Eldredge University of Maryland

"The Department of Spanish and Portuguese (SPAP) at the University of Maryland, College Park, has been partnering with Alandis Travel for over 10 years under the leadership of our Department’s Chair, Dr. Eyda Merediz.

In 2014, I was assigned to become the new Program Director for our undergraduate Winter Program in Seville, Spain. I could not speak more highly of their professionalism and excellent customer service. They are problem solvers, and pay attention to every detail on our schedule so our students can have the best cultural and academic experience possible, besides being available 24/7. Every year every participant on the program raves about the well-rounded and knowledgeable tour guides, the overnight trip accommodations and the excellent transit to the sites visited.

Our partnership has grown during these past seven years, even more so during the pandemic as we continue to work together for another successful program this Winter 2022. Because of their highly-organized programs and travel offerings, other UMD departments have started to partner with Alandis Travel.

I highly recommend this company to any higher education organization, educator or individual planning an academic and cultural experience in Southern Spain or beyond."

Ginette Alomar Eldredge, PhD
Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Maryland

"I have been working with Alandis Travel for many years and I have always found the service and response to be excellent.

As a study abroad program we provide the student with a global experience both academically and culturally, and Alandis knows how to combine them professionally.

Each program or university we work with has different requirements or preferences and sometimes it is not easy to meet them but they always manage to tailor things to meet their needs.

I feel very secure working with Alandis Travel because I know that they will help us to create a great experience on each activity or trip. I would have no hesitation in recommending them."

Pepa Vives
Site Director for Alicante at Spanish Studies Abroad

"I have been working with Alandis Travel for a long time and I can confirm without a doubt that our trips have been successful thanks to their service.

As a study abroad program with young students we need to find activities, destinations, and excursions according to their ages and interest. Alandis Travel has been always open to suggestions and requests and has made a tailor-made trip for every one of our groups.

Every time there has been a last-minute change they were able to find a solution and accommodate our needs. I feel safe and always in good hands when I need to organize a new trip with them and I cannot recommend them enough."

Adriana Pajares
Site Director for Barcelona at Spanish Studies Abroad

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