COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Date of last revision: 21 April 2022

What to know about international travel (restrictions)

The pandemic has forced the tourism industry to adapt to the new circumstances and the different regulations applied in each country or region. Homogenizing these requirements is difficult and perhaps an objective to establish for the administrations and competent institutions, as we commented in this travel post about Unmissable Travel 2022 – Best Trips, Exclusive Programs, and Post-Covid Vacations.

For this reason, we want to bring together the different requirements necessary for the different destinations that Alandis Travel offers and clarify any doubts that customers may have.

Generically, the vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test within 72 hours of travel is common for any trip, but what other protocols must travelers follow in Spain, Cuba, or Puerto Rico?

Our Safety Precautions 

We will do all we can to keep your travelers safe; however, we expect them to follow other measures to maintain the highest safety standards. Below you can see a list of what we should expect of each other:

Your travelers

  • Must be vaccinated
  • Must bring and wear a face mask
  • Must complete our pre-program health check
  • Must regularly wash their hands!

Alandis Travel

  • Must train all its staff regularly on updated safety protocols for COVID-19 and other possible health issues
  • Must commit to an enhanced cleaning program, both in our facilities and in our agreements with providers, to ensure your well-being at all locations
  • Must make an effort to break up larger groups into smaller ones for activities and meals to allow for more space and to meet capacity limits at restaurants, on transportation, and in meetings
  • Must share and ensure participants always follow local health guidelines, particularly for food. Although not always possible, we strive to ensure meals are served to small groups and individually plated as often as possible.
  • May use listening devices when listening to group leaders and instructors to respect social distancing measures.
  • Must have travel insurance and be available 24/7 to assist your travelers around the clock in case of emergencies

Hand Sanitizer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Alandis Travel require boosters?

Not at present. In the near future, a booster will be very likely. The requirement will be a COVID vaccine no less than 14 days and no more than 270 days before arrival in Spain. 

If more than 270 days have elapsed since the last required dose, the traveler must demonstrate that they received a booster vaccine at least 14 days before arrival. 

Does Alandis Travel require proof of COVID-19 vaccination to participate in programs?

Yes, to participate in Alandis Travel programs, a complete vaccination certificate of the vaccines recognized by the OMS will be required.

Those vaccines were approved by the World Health Organization, namely: Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Astra-Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Sinovac, and Sinopharm.

Why does Alandis Travel require participants to be vaccinated?

Vaccination against covid has been shown to reduce the mortality rate greatly and spread. Likewise, If you already had COVID-19, you should still get a COVID-19 vaccine for added protection. 

COVID-19 vaccination helps protect you by creating an antibody response without you having to experience sickness. Vaccines Are Safe for Children and Adults, all steps have been taken to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

Once Up to Date on COVID-19 Vaccination, You Can Start Doing More. Many establishments (restaurants, museums, pubs, etc.) require a vaccination certificate for access. Here’s more information about the benefits by the CDC.

Do I need my original vaccination card to travel? Or will an electronic version be sufficient?

Most establishments have electronic readers, meaning an electronic version will be sufficient. However, it is recommended to travel with a printed copy.

We advise you to take the original copy of the certificate but make a digital copy beforehand in case it gets lost.

Do I need to get a negative COVID-19 test before traveling?

Destinations such as Cuba request both tests (Certificate and test), but Spain only requests a vaccination certificate. 

Nonetheless, Alandis Travel has created pages with guidelines for individual destinations, which you can consult here: SpainCubaPuerto Rico.

Do I need to have a negative COVID-19 test before returning to the United States or Canada?

Depending on your origin and flight connection, you will need to check the requirements necessary to travel to your country. Here are the restrictions for U.S. travelers and here for Canadian travelers.

If you need a test before your trip, we’d be happy to help organize your tests to make this as easy as possible. 

We have a network of providers who ensure that the tests are valid and get your results promptly. As a reminder, you are responsible for paying for the test, but we will make sure you have access to the tests in time to comply with this new regulation.

I need to get a COVID-19 test. What type of test do I need?

The rules and requirements are constantly changing. You can see current requirements and the test you’ll need to take on the CDC website.

COVID Passport

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Will Alandis Travel provide hand sanitizer and face coverings?

Participants will need to provide their face coverings for their trip. Alandis will provide ample hand sanitizer at important moments, such as getting on and off transport, entering restaurants, etc. That said, it’s an excellent idea that participants bring their sanitizer too.

Are there additional health requirements I should be aware of?

Yes, it is often the case that individual destinations have specific requirements. Ultimately, participants are responsible for being aware of these requirements, guidelines, and rules. Nonetheless, Alandis Travel has created pages with guidelines for unique destinations you can consult here: SpainCubaPuerto Rico.

What happens if I fall ill on my program?

For the health and safety of all participants on our programs, we will perform temperature checks at the beginning of every trip and throughout as needed. 

Anyone with a suspected case of COVID-19 will be required to be tested to continue participation in our program. If a member of our program has a confirmed case of COVID-19, we will follow the guidelines and requirements of the local governing board of health, including self-isolation or quarantine.

Please note that we will assist in ensuring everyone receives the help and support they require; however, any expenses for testing, medical treatment, transportation, or extended self-isolation would be covered by the participant.

Alandis Travel at cooking class in Seville (December 2021)
Alandis Travel at cooking class in Seville (December 2021)

What happens if I am required to quarantine?

All participants of the Alandis Travel programs travel with the coverage of medical insurance that includes expenses for Covid-19 illness or isolation. It can be included in the program or included in your airline ticket in the case of U.S. citizens traveling to Cuba.

What is the guidance if I am traveling by air during COVID-19?

Coronavirus has presented new health safety challenges for air travel. EASA and ECDC issued the COVID-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol defining measures to assure the health safety of air travelers. 

Nonetheless, Alandis Travel has created pages with guidelines for individual destinations, which you can consult the country entry requirements here: SpainCubaPuerto Rico.

For destination-specific COVID-19 regulations, choose from one of the below options