A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Comprehensive Letter to Parents About Your School’s Trip Abroad

Once you've perfectly planned your faculty-led trip and the school approves it, it is time to promote it to your students and parents. Strong promotion is key for turning all the planning and preparation you've done into a reality.

One of the most common ways to spread the word about your trip is by writing a school trip letter to parents and guardians. So, if you need guidelines to help write a letter to parents about a school trip abroad, we've compiled a step-by-step guide for you!

What to include in your school trip letter

Want some help? We’ve created this template to save you time and ensure you cover all the necessary information to inform parents about the trip. You only have to customize the template to suit your needs and provide additional information relevant to your trip.

Downloadable template: school trip letter to parents

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Objectives and benefits of the trip

In this section, you should explain the reason for the trip, the educational goals, and what the students will gain from participating. 

It’s very important to provide a clear and detailed explanation of why the school has chosen to organize this trip. This way, you can help the parents understand why the trip is a valuable opportunity for their child.

Alandis Students in Havana, Cuba
Alandis Students in Havana, Cuba

Trip logistics

You should provide all the trip logistics details to ensure the parents have all the information they need to enroll their child in your school trip.

Provide a detailed itinerary of the trip that includes the dates, destinations, and activities that the students will be doing. In addition, describe the type of accommodation and the modes of transportation arrangements.

Safety is crucial since your students are minors, so outline the safety and security measures that will be taken to ensure students’ safety, such as emergency procedures and medical precautions. Hold back on your school trip rules email until you’ve confirmed student travelers and send it to them alone.


It’s really important to let the parents know about your tour operator so that they know you’ve chosen one that is reputable and fully accredited. Usually, your provider will help verify this. 

Also, don’t forget to provide the contact information of the trip leaders and teachers who can answer parent concerns. It ensures parents that their child’s safety and well-being are prioritized.

Alandis Students in El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico
Alandis Students in El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico

Payment schedule

Parents and guardians should be provided with clear information on the cost of the school trip and payment schedule, including details on the cancellation policy and any associated charges. 

It will ensure parents are fully informed before committing, helping them plan and reduce the number of dropouts moving forward.

Next steps

Lastly, you need to explain to parents all the steps they need to take if they want to sign up their children on your school trip. In most cases, the inscription comes along with the first deposit and a permission form. We recommend adding the permission slip at the end of the letter to make it as accessible as possible for them.

Also, you should include the details of when the parents’ evening or info session will be arranged. In addition, if the school has any social media accounts, you could share updates and additional information.


In conclusion, a well-written letter to parents about your school trip abroad can help ensure that parents are fully informed about the trip details so they can decide to sign their children up. Using a template and following the guidelines we provided above can save time and promote the trip effectively, turning your planning and preparation into a successful and valuable learning experience for your students.

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