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Educational trips through Spain for L&C College

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L&C is an internationally-oriented campus that proudly values overseas study.

An internationally-oriented campus that proudly values overseas study

L&C is an internationally-oriented campus that proudly values overseas study. The College’s commitment to international education is deeply rooted and widespread.
Lewis & Clark study abroad program is listed by The US State Department in its ‘Top 10 for undergraduates’. Students have many opportunities to pursue research opportunities abroad, mentoring by program Faculty Leaders since 1962.

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Alandis Travel has been managing international trips for Spain and Latin America for more than 80 North American Institutions for over 50 years, but without a doubt 2020 has been the biggest challenge for the organization.

During the spring of this past year 2020, Lewis & Clark was running its 4-month academic trip in Spain. This program consists of an academic program in Seville, including an eight-day trip in March through Northern Spain, visiting places such as Asturias, Galicia, Castilla Leon and Extremadura.
At the time of this trip, the global pandemic situation caused by the coronavirus, resulted in a government call to close the country’s borders and demanded a total lock down, so we had to act quickly and efficiently so that this group could return home safely.

Thanks to our adaptability to changes and collaborative work, the group of students was able to return home without unforeseen events. In this trip, Alandis Travel’s connectivity, efficiency and speed prevailed in order to manage the return home, which happened two days before the national lockdown of the country.

Alandis Travel provided a 24/7 comprehensive support for both the university in the United States and for the group of students and teachers in Spain. We managed and controlled the whole process before, during and after the trip, informing the families of the situation at all times.

We include services such as: guides, lecturers, excursions, conversation exchanges with Spanish students, among other services. We understand well that each university is different, and because of this we advise and manage our services in a personalized manner, saving time and costs and making the travel process more efficient, always putting the needs and satisfaction of our customers first.

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Traveling overseas is stressful. Particularly if you are leading a group of young students who are full of expectations. In these circumstances, putting your trust in a reliable company becomes the most important decision you make. I had the opportunity to lead three semester-long programs in Spain, and on all of them, Alandis Travel was in charge of organizing the logistics of the internal trips, visiting from Almería, Granada, and Madrid to Asturias and Salamanca. After many days traveling through Spain, visiting many cities, my groups were always satisfied with hotels, restaurants, and activities. Without the efficiency and knowledgeable tour guides provided by Alandis Travel, my experience as a program leader would not have been as memorable as it was. I cherished every minute.
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Juan C. Toledano Redondo
Professor of Hispanic Studies (WLL) Lewis & Clark College