A sustainable story of cultural preservation with Alandis partner: Proyecto Akokán


At Alandis Travel, we are highly conscious of sustainability so we contribute to different local initiatives and projects. One of those projects is Akokán in Cuba. 

We are committed to minimizing the impact on the environment by balancing the use of environmental resources, respecting socio-cultural roots, and contributing to activities that generate income for local communities.

Akokán is a success story of cultural preservation at the heart of Havana.

2022/07 | Viajes educativos Resumen de junio: Viajes sostenibles y nuevas tendencias de viaje.

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash We’ve rounded up the best news from June: the new post-pandemic trends regarding sustainable travel to COVID-19 restrictions being lifted (and everything in between!) Travel news U.S. lifted pre-departure COVID-19 testing all the details covered by Travel Daily News. It’s already summer. Here are the best Caribbean summer destinations […]

Los 5 mejores recorridos islámicos de España en 2022

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In 711 CE, Muslims from North Africa invaded the Iberian Peninsula. They stayed in Spain until 1492 when the Catholic Monarchs overthrew the King of the “Emirato de Granada.” As a result, Spain has a rich, overflowing Islamic culture and an enormous artistic and architectural heritage, including palaces, mosques, and much more. With that in […]

Planificación del viaje dirigido por el profesorado: guía para profesores y coordinadores


La planificación dirigida por el profesorado es más fácil

En Alandis, somos conscientes de que organizar tu primer viaje de estudios en el extranjero puede ser tremendamente abrumador. Muchos profesores veteranos de estudios en el extranjero todavía se benefician de una sólida lista de tareas para ayudarse a organizarse.

Pensando en ti,hemos elaborado la siguiente lista de grandes ideas para planificar viajes dirigidos por el profesorado, para que puedas empezar.