Volunteering & Service Learning in Spain, Cuba & Puerto Rico

Customized educational short-stay programs with rich immersive learning experiences

High school trips: what we offer

A high school trip focuses heavily on cultural immersion regardless of your students' language capabilities to enhance personal, social, and emotional development

Alandis’ short-stay high school trips are a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience designed to meet the specific needs and interests of your group of students. Our custom programs for high schools will take you across the cities and natural wonders of several European or Latin American countries.

These flexible programs are designed to offer a blend of cultural immersion, language learningy educational experiences. The custom program is created after working closely with you, the teacher, and other high school faculty, to understand your specific interests and requirements.

This may include visits to historical sites, educational institutions, museumsy cultural landmarks. Depending on your program’s goals, there may be opportunities to attend language classes, engage in community service activities, participate in cultural events, or meet local students to practice language skills.

Alandis student in Santiago de Compostela- Plaza del Obradoiro
Alandis student in Santiago de Compostela- Plaza del Obradoiro

What to expect when customizing your school trip

The Alandis Travel Promise

What can be included?

Our programs are entirely customizable and adaptable to your specific preferences and needs.

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Benefits of Alandis' high school trips

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