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April 2024 | Insights on Students Mental Health, Andalusian Wonders, and Sustainability Education

Coordinador de viajes y logística

Alandis students from Liberty University are about to enjoy an authentic flamenco show in the heart of Seville, Spain.

Alandis students immerse in Havana’s vibrant culture – Education comes to life.

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Excellence in Educator Development

For the passionate educators:

  • Wondering how to Integrate Service Learning into Internationalization? Higher Education just shared on LinkedIn an intriguing article on integrating service learning into internationalization thanks to the power of AI and our fantastic LinkedIn community! 
  • Discover more about our immersive experiences by requesting a virtual meeting with our Resident Directors to dive into culture, opportunities, and activities in Spain and beyond.
  • Need details on tours, performances, or educational forums? – connect with our team for intricate details.
  • Consider an enlightening site visit to an Alandis Travel cultural center by letting us know of your interest.
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Transformative Study Journeys

Dive into immersive education:

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Descubre Nuestros Destinos

  • Dreaming of Puerto Rico? Navigate visa essentials with insights from Lonely Planet’s guide to visa requirements.
  • Uncover the multifaceted beauty of Andalusia in Spain beyond its famed beaches. Immerse yourself in the captivating Moorish influence at the awe-inspiring Alhambra in Granada and the enchanting Alcazar in Seville. Explore the artistic legacy of Picasso in his birthplace, Malaga, and indulge in the rich cultural experiences of flamenco and sherry in Jerez de la Frontera. EssaNews showcases must-visit places, unveiling the diverse wonders of Andalusia.
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Championing Sustainability Education

Empowering future environmental stewards:

  • Ready to make a difference while exploring the world? Discover how sustainable travel practices can lead to unforgettable experiences with a positive impact! Designdash’s article covers practical tips for traveling sustainably this season.
  • Sustainable development is a crucial aspect of education. Hanna Karlsson and Sara Widén from Karolinska Institutet (KI) shed light on embedding sustainability into KI’s education programs. Universitets Lararen shares their efforts, from teacher workshops to integrating global goals into modules, paving the way for holistic sustainability education.
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Explore Our Educational Travel Programs

Chart a course for adventure and learning with Alandis Travel:

Your journey to educational excellence begins here. With Alandis Travel, navigate the rich tapestry of Spanish-speaking locales.

Whether it’s an engaging high-school trip spanning from the architectural marvels of España, the rhythmic streets of Cuba, to the enchanting landscapes of Puerto Rico, or a purpose-driven faculty-led program, discover what makes Alandis Travel the definitive partner in educational journeys.

Embrace the transformative experiences we expertly craft—begin your adventure with us today.

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