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2023/03 – PD Opportunities for Spanish High-School Teachers of the XXI Century in Alicante, Spain for Summer 2023 and Best Study Trips for High Schools

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We’ve rounded up the best professional development news, events, and opportunities in study abroad and study trips from February. From workshops for developing methodologies to teach how to take climate action for a sustainable planet to things to do while visiting Cuba and Puerto Rico and a great resource for listening activities in Spanish.

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Oportunidades de Desarrollo Profesional para Profesores de Secundaria, Universitarios y Departamentos de Estudios en el Extranjero

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Noticias sobre Viajes de Estudios en el Extranjero

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Descubre Nuestros Destinos

  • Puerto Rico boasts an awe-inspiring landscape. It flaunts both natural and man-made attractions to meet all travelers’ expectations. To inspire you, Style Rave has created a list of 7 things to do when visiting the island!
  • Are you planning a trip to Cuba but are overwhelmed by all the activities and visit options? To make your decision-making easier, The Travel has a wonderful list of things to do when visiting the Caribbean island
  • If you are an animal lover like us and you’ll be visiting Puerto Rico, this is for you! Our friends at A-Z Animals have written an article on Puerto Rico’s official animals, the Puerto Rico Spindalis and the Coqui Frog. It includes plenty of information about them, such as where to see them and how to identify them.
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Sostenibilidad en la Educación

  • STEM education is the key to a sustainable future due to the rising of low-emission energy sources and job openings in the green tech sector. Learn everything Fe News have to say about the matter in their article.  
  • Young people worldwide are concerned about climate change and recognize that it will affect their future, from where they live, to the work they will do and even their quality of life. That’s why climate education is essential – to develop green skulls and understand how to combat climate change. En State of the Planet, they talk about where climate education stands in the US and why it matters.
  • Education for Sustainability has fascinating workshops for teachers seeking innovative methodologies that support students’ learning to take climate action for a sustainable planet.
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