The qualifications, roles & responsibilities of a study abroad faculty leader

Study abroad faculty leader with students

Faculty leaders serve as mentors and role models for students as they explore new environments and engage in activities that many consider the highlight of their college careers.

The responsibilities of a faculty leader are more comprehensive than the standard duties of a faculty member teaching a course on a university campus. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of valuable qualifications and responsibilities of a faculty leader.

The impact of study abroad on employability in Canada

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Students are graduating into a complex job market. Therefore, standing out from the other candidates can be crucial when applying for a job. 

Data seems to indicate that studying abroad can positively affect students’ employability in a challenging market once they return home. Read on to find out just how studying abroad impacts graduates’ employability.

How to Recruit Students for your Study Abroad Trip

Study abroad students sitting on the grass discussing their future trip

Once your proposal has been approved, it is time to start the promotion. Promotion and recruitment are essential parts of a study abroad trip.

Being as proactive as possible during this phase can make all the difference in attracting many students.

The most crucial recruitment activities are those where you speak face-to-face with students in various venues. It’s an excellent opportunity to discuss the benefits of the trip and how it ties into their study programs.

Before starting recruitment, remember it’s vital to have your prices finalized, as discussing costs with students is also a key topic at this stage.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

2022/10 | Educational Travel September Roundup: a strengthening dollar, the student loan debt relief plan, and relaxing travel restrictions

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Photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash We’ve rounded up the best news from September. The dollar continues to rise in value. Access to Spanish universities widens, and conferences from the U.S. Travel Association’s Future of Travel Mobility and the Global Business Travel Association target innovation in sustainability and technology. Travel news The value of the […]

A sustainable story of cultural preservation with Alandis partner: Proyecto Akokán


At Alandis Travel, we are highly conscious of sustainability so we contribute to different local initiatives and projects. One of those projects is Akokán in Cuba. 

We are committed to minimizing the impact on the environment by balancing the use of environmental resources, respecting socio-cultural roots, and contributing to activities that generate income for local communities.

Akokán is a success story of cultural preservation at the heart of Havana.

The 5 Best Historical Tours of Spain in 2023

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Spain is one of the most historically rich countries in the world. There are vestiges of cultures more than 1 million years old. For centuries the Spanish territory was home to Iberian, Celtic, Phoenician, Carthaginian and Roman peoples.  The presence of Muslims, Jews, and Christians marked a period of artistic, scientific, and linguistic prosperity (and […]