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2023/09 | Cultivating a Rich Understanding of Spanish Culture and Supporting LGTB+ Students

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Alandis Students in Havana, Cuba

Alandis Students in Havana, Cuba by

We’ve rounded up the standout professional development news, events, and opportunities in study abroad and study trips from July through September. From resources that enrich your teaching and empower your students to practical advice on managing the potential risks of a study abroad experience, we’ve got you covered.

This month at Alandis, we’re thrilled to unveil an immersive video tour of our Seville headquarters, designed to give educators and faculty an in-depth look at our state-of-the-art facilities, our passionate team, and our unwavering commitment to enriching the lives of each student in every program we offer.

Professional Development Opportunities for High School & University Teachers, and Study Abroad Departments

  • For Spanish teachers aiming to share the richness of Spanish culture with their students, consider using videos of exhibits and renowned artworks from the Museo del Prado. These materials provide an engaging way to immerse students in Spanish culture while enhancing their listening comprehension skills.
  • If you’re a Spanish teacher seeking engaging activities for your students, check out Zachary Jones. They offer an excellent resource called “Musician Interviews.” In this resource, you’ll discover interviews with Spanish-speaking musicians. It’s a captivating way for students to learn Spanish while gaining insights into the world of music!
  • Request a virtual meeting with one of our Resident Directors to find out more about local logistics, arrangements, activities, opportunities & culture in Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Argentina, or other European destinations.
  • Looking for a specific city tour, local performances, faculty discussions/forums, or events? Contact us for more details.
  • Want to visit an Alandis Travel cultural center at one of our locations? Let us know if you’d like a site visit.
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