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Alandis students immerse in Havana's vibrant culture – Education comes to life.

Alandis students immerse in Havana’s vibrant culture – Education comes to life.

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Excellence in Educator Development

For the passionate educators:

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Transformative Study Journeys

Dive into immersive education:

  • Teacher’s Role in Student Immersion: Read our take on essential teacher support for high school immersion success via this insightful Alandis article on student immersion support.
  • Prepping for Immersion Trips: Learn how you can prime students for impactful experiences abroad in our detailed guide on student immersion preparation.
  • Behavioral Growth Abroad: Explore which behaviors are nurtured through immersion programs to give students a growth edge in this Alandis article on student behavior expectations abroad.
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Discover our Destinations

Puerto Rico’s Wonders Unveiled:

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Championing Sustainability Education

Empowering future environmental stewards:

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Explore Our Educational Travel Programs

Chart a course for adventure and learning with Alandis Travel:

Your journey to educational excellence begins here. With Alandis Travel, navigate the rich tapestry of Spanish-speaking locales.

Whether it’s an engaging high-school trip spanning from the architectural marvels of Spain, the rhythmic streets of Cuba, to the enchanting landscapes of Puerto Rico, or a purpose-driven faculty-led program, discover what makes Alandis Travel the definitive partner in educational journeys.

Embrace the transformative experiences we expertly craft—begin your adventure with us today.

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