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2022/09 | Educational Travel July and August Roundup: the remarkable recovery of the tourism sector

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It’s been a long summer, and in case you weren’t keeping up with what’s been happening during these months, we’ve rounded up the best news from July and August just for you.

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Travel news

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Sustainability News

  • Many of us are taking up travel again. These are dates of many transfers, whether by sea, air, or ground. Would you like to know the impact of your footprint? Here is a calculator by Sustainable Travel International.
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Tour Operator News

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Educational Travel

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Tourism Information

  • We receive many requests for study programs focused on the Islamic legacy. Spain is a reference in the preservation of this heritage. At Alandis, we want to share the Best Islamic Tours in Spain so that you can enjoy these incredible monuments.
  • A mix of cultures, architectures, traditions, and idiosyncrasies are part of a rich legacy that reaches the modern nation. Spain’s history is a beautiful treasure that the Spanish are tremendously proud of. Here are The 5 Best Historical Tours of Spain in 2022 by Alandis Travel.
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