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Unleash Your Students’ Creativity with These Green Initiatives and Technology-Enhanced Learning Tips

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From April, we’ve rounded up the best professional development news, events, and opportunities in study abroad and study trips. From Spanish Classroom Resources, Art Exhibitions to Green Initiatives and Sustainable Education with Technology-Enhanced Learning.

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Professional Development Opportunities for High School & University Teachers, and Study Abroad Departments

  • If you’re a Spanish teacher looking for high-quality resources to enhance your classroom instruction, look no further than Todo Ele. One of its biggest strengths is its collection of materials on songs and films. These resources include a level indicator to help you choose appropriate content for your students and ready-to-use lesson plans and materials that make it easy to incorporate music and movies into your curriculum. 
  • One of the best ways to grow and improve your practice as a Spanish teacher is through world language professional development. At Didactas, they have shorter virtual training in Spanish and English on many different topics.
  • Request a virtual meeting with one of our Resident Directors to learn more about local logistics, arrangements, activities, opportunities & culture in Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Argentina, or other European destinations.
  • Looking for a specific city tour, local performances, faculty discussions/forums, or events? Contact us for more details.
  • Want to visit an Alandis Travel cultural center at one of our locations? Let us know if you’d like a site visit.
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Study Abroad & School Trips News

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Discover our Destinations

  • Are you planning a trip to Puerto Rico and wondering if you need to bring your passport? It’s a common question, and the answer might surprise you! In this article by Parade, they dive into the details of travel requirements for Puerto Rico and help you determine if you need a passport. So pack your bags, and let’s get started! 
  • This year it’s the 50th anniversary of Picasso’s death, and Spain’s art world is going crazy. Blockbuster exhibitions across the country celebrate his legacy, from his career-defining moments to his final works. At EuroNews, they share all the exhibition dates and locations.
  • If you are an art enthusiast visiting Cuba, you might wonder what the best galleries are and which are the most relevant artist from the country. Check out Epic Nomad Life post on The Color Explosion Of Art In Havana 2023.
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Sustainability in Education

  • The newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals emphasize the need for quality education for all, including those in developing countries facing humanitarian crises. Water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) are crucial for creating a conducive learning environment and improving enrollment, retention, and performance. The IDEAL Public Health and Development Consultancy offers a five-day training course to equip stakeholders with the skills and knowledge to manage WASH programs effectively and sustainably in schools.  
  • Engaging students in green initiatives is critical to creating a sustainable future. They must understand the impact of their actions on the environment and develop a sense of responsibility towards it. Moreover, being part of these initiatives can inspire students’ creativity, teamwork, and leadership skills, making them valuable agents of change in their communities. At Cision, they have shared 7 ideas for engaging students to take part in green initiatives.
  • The proliferation of technology-enhanced learning and teaching has provided researchers, teachers, students, instructional designers, and policymakers with rich opportunities to improve teaching and learning. At MDPI, they have a very interesting collection of papers on Technology-Enhanced Learning and Teaching: Sustainable Education.
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