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2023/02 – NO VISA REQUIREMENTS for US students in Puerto Rico, Spanish students BOOST RESULTS with, and a 9-step plan for INTERNATIONAL school trips abroad.

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We’ve rounded up the best professional development news, events, and opportunities in study abroad and study trips from January, such as how to be more inclusive, the importance of service learning, how to be more sustainable when planning your trips, and more.

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Professional Development Opportunities for High School & University Teachers, and Study Abroad Departments

  • Being an ally to minorities and learning how to support and create conscience among students to use inclusive language, attitudes, and behaviors is part of the job of an educator. At Vector Solutions, they have a course on Diversity & Inclusion Training for Higher Education, with eye-opening conversations that will make you rethink how you communicate with people.
  • Coming up with new and exciting activities for your Spanish classes can be difficult sometimes. Music is a great way to spice up your classes – Lyrics Training has a lot of songs to train your students’ Spanish-ear!
  • Request a virtual meeting with one of our Resident Directors to find out more about local logistics, arrangements, activities, opportunities & culture in Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Argentina, or other European destinations
  • Looking for a specific city tour, local performances, faculty discussions/forums, or events? Contact us for more details.
  • Want to visit an Alandis Travel cultural center in one of our locations? Let us know about a site visit.
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Study Abroad & School Trips News

  • There are many courses and themes that you can choose for your study trip abroad, from language-focused trips to cultural immersion. But only a few people consider service learning a theme or focus for their trips. To go more in-depth on this matter, here’s an issue by Old Dominion University on “The Value and Importance of International Service Learning Programs,” which you may find interesting.  
  • The affordability of different study-abroad options has become a concern for many prospective international students and their families, especially after the pandemic. At ICEF Monitor, they have compiled all the information about the most common destinations and made a table on the costs of studying there.
  • Organizing a study trip abroad is an exciting adventure, but it can also be stressful. It is a long process with many things to keep in mind. If you are trying to figure out where to start, at Alandis, we’ve put together a list of 9 steps to help you plan an international school trip abroad.
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Discover our Destinations

  • Puerto Rico is quite an unknown destination. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to change that, starting with the entry requirements. A visa or passport is NOT needed for US citizens and permanent residents. The visa and passport requirements for other passengers are the same as if you were visiting the mainland United States. Here are a few FAQs that you might find helpful. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.
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Sustainability in Education

  • Today’s educators have a crucial responsibility in terms of education on sustainability. It’s essential to raise the next generation into eco-conscious, self-sufficient world citizens who understand the immediacy of environmental responsibility. Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies in Sweden has shared this fascinating issue on “Education for sustainability: Fostering a more conscious society and transformation toward sustainability.” 
  • Being a faculty member leading a trip abroad may be incompatible with being sustainability conscious since the travel industry is one of the most contaminating industries along with the retail industry. With you in mind, at NAFSA, they have a very interesting seminar on “Thinking Creatively About Sustainable Resources for Internationalization.”
  • A Canadian School District has started providing outdoor education training to reach its goal of becoming leaders in environmental stewardship and sustainability. Learn more about their experience here.
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