Cuban Tobacco Tours: Sun, Tobacco, and Rum Experience

Navigate through the historic streets of Havana with our local connoisseur, marking stops at The Museum of The Revolution, a bustling tobacco factory, and savoring the rich tradition of rum at the Havana Club Museum. Venture to the picturesque rural town of Viñales, exploring the National Park and immersing in the rich tobacco heritage at an authentic tobacco farm—an epitome of Cuba Tobacco Tours. Journey through the architectural marvels of Cienfuegos and Trinidad, engaging with the timeless pottery crafts of Trinidad, a rich tapestry of Cuba’s artistic heritage. Revel in the tranquil ambiance of Varadero beach, with its pristine white sands and warm Caribbean waters caressing the shores, a perfect respite in your Cuba Tobacco and Rum Tour.
Tobacco Farm in Cuba

Your Tour:

11 nights

12 days

18 meals

Up to 3 miles / day

Tour overview

Playa de Varadero. Cuba. 1280 por 500
Embark on a unique 12-day Cuban Tobacco Tour, delving into the quintessence of Cuba, encapsulated in Sun, Tobacco, and Rum. These three elements are not only pivotal to Cuba’s economy but also enthralling for those who venture to this vibrant island. Through this expedition, gain profound insights into Cuba’s renowned tobacco industry and the sugarcane cultivation pivotal to crafting some of the world’s finest rums. This journey is a harmonious blend of enlightening lectures, expert-guided excursions, artistic exposure, musical resonance, culinary exploration, museum visits, Caribbean warm waters, and awe-inspiring landscapes—an unforgettable Cuban escapade awaiting your exploration.

Program activities, schedules and personnel may change due to local circumstances.

In such an event, we will alert you as quickly as possible.

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Day by Day

Day 1

Overnight: Havana

The tour coordinator will greet everyone, and we will review the program schedule, emergency procedures and answer questions. After orientation we will set out with our tour coordinator to take a walk and explore the area around the hotel. At a restaurant, we will enjoy a welcome dinner with a delicious set menu.

Day 2

Overnight: Havana

Breakfast at the hotel. We will depart from the hotel by private bus towards old Havana where we will meet a local expert who will lead our walking architecture tour around the area. We will continue visiting The Museum of The Revolution where we will learn about the history of Cuba from the early 1960s to the present time. In the afternoon a local expert will join us for a presentation on The History of Cuba through one of the best ways to get to know Cuban idiosyncrasy: music and the different Cuban rhythms.

After dinner, we will go to San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress, a colonial fort used to protect the town from pirate invasions in the past. You will be able to witness the cannon blast ceremony that takes place each night at 9 pm repeating the old tradition of the cannon blast which was used to give the sign of the city’s curfew, moment in which the doors of old Havana’s wall would close.

Day 3

Overnight:  Havana

Breakfast at the hotel. We will spend the morning learning about one of the main financial sectors: Cuban tobacco. A local expert will guide us through the factory where each day, Cubans workers make the artisanal cigars which are distributed around the world. After this, we will continue learning more about one of the main Santería neighborhoods in Havana, Cayo Hueso. An expert guide will show us the picturesque Hamel Alley and how the Cuban artist Salvador González Escalona describes his Afro-Cuban style as a mix of surrealism, cubism, and abstract art.

After lunch, we will go for a fun tour and ride on a classic American car around Havana arriving at the Revolution Square, the venue of the most important politics celebrations.

Day 4

Overnight:  Havana

Breakfast at the hotel. We will depart to Viñales Valley, UNESCO World Heritage Site, where we will enter Mogotes (limestone mounds) located on top of tobacco plantations and one of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world. We will make our first stop at the botanical garden, a sprawling garden which began in 1918. 

Afterwards, we will check in at Casas Particulares, private guest houses with all amenities which contribute to the local economy. Afterwards we’ll set out with our tour coordinator to take a walk and explore the area around Viñales.

Day 5

Overnight: Havana

Breakfast at Casa Particular. Afterwards, we will tour around the Natural Park visiting the Indigenous caves (their old native homes) and the famous prehistorical mural.

Afterwards, we will visit a tobacco plantation, and learn all about this important and artisanal farming as well as about the interesting drying process and what the guajira way to do it means (expression referring to people living in the countryside). After this, we will enjoy a delicious set menu at an ecological open-air restaurant, enjoying the magical landscape.

Day 6

Overnight: Trinidad

After breakfast at Casa Particular we will depart to Trinidad. We will make our first stop at Cienfuegos, Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.  There, we’ll enjoy an expert-led walking tour around downtown that will give us a perspective of the French spirit. We will continue visiting the Tomás Terry theatre, an impressive theatre with French and Italian influences. We will then reach Trinidad; Cuba’s finest colonial town founded in 1514 and built thanks to the success of the sugar industry from the beginning of the XIX century produced near the Ingenio Valley. 

After dinner, we will assist a live music and dance show at the Escalinata music house.

Day 7

Overnight: Trinidad

Breakfast at Casa Particular. We will depart to The Ingenio valley, located 5 miles from Trinidad, the place where the Ingenios (sugar factory) settled, becoming the epicenter of the sugar industry in Cuba during the XIX century.

The first stop will be at The Ingenio Valley lookout where you can see a panoramic view of the valley which is now a World Heritage Site. You will learn about Cuba’s sugar industry through the many old sugar cane mills, plantation houses, and barracks. Afterwards, we’ll visit San Isidro de los Destiladeros, probably the last example of the many archaeological sites found in the valley. Finally, we’ll visit Manaca-Iznaga town with its famous Tower and local artisans.

Optional: Climb to the Manaca Iznaga Tower, old vigilance tower used to control slaves where you can also enjoy amazing views. 

After lunch, we will visit a local pottery workshop where workers produce classical pieces that characterize the city of Trinidad. 

Day 8

Overnight: Varadero

Breakfast at Casa Particular. We will depart to Varadero, considered one of the most important places for the economy of the island. We will stay at a 4* Hotel (all inclusive) and will have time now to relax at Varadero´s beaches (also considered to be the best in the world) and enjoy their warm and crystal waters.

Day 9

Overnight: Varadero

Relax time at Hotel (all inclusive).

Day 10

Overnight: Havana

Breakfast at the Hotel. We will return by private bus to Havana. On our way, we will make a stop in Matanzas, an important town not only for its important literary and musical legacy, but also for being the cradle of several Afro Cuban religions. We will visit the San Severino Castle, fortress where the Africans slaves disembarked in the XVIII century. Afterwards, we will have a walking tour around Matanzas, discovering main points such as the Vigía square, Sauto Theatre, Ediciones Vigía (unique publishing house founded in 1985) and the Triolett pharmacy, first founded in Latin America.

In the afternoon, arrival in Havana.

Day 11

Overnight: Havana

Breakfast at the Hotel. We will learn about the rum industry through a guided visit at The Havana Rum Museum. Located in front of the Havana port, this museum shows the complicated process of elaboration and distillation of this liquid. After this, we will visit the old warehouse at Havana port, the San José Artisanal market, a huge local market where you can see the work of thousands of artisans.

Free afternoon to pack, explore or just relax. 

Farewell dinner at a restaurant.

Day 12

Breakfast at the Hotel. Transfer to the airport at a designated time.

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Tour Inclusions

Tour Pricing

Price per person based on double occupancy. Single supplement $455.

For a minimum of 15 pax.

Additional Experiences

Customize your trip according to your interests by adding any of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

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Manaca Iznaga in Trinidad, Cuba

Visit Manaca Iznaga Tower

Inside the Ingenios Valley, the main point is Manaca Iznaga farm. Its tower, more than 40 meters in height, was used to guard the slaves. Today you can climb to the tower and enjoy amazing views over the wide Valley.
Extension-Social Project 4

Exchange with Social and Community Project

Visit a Social Project that revitalizes the area promoting the development of the community by creative, solidarity and participatory actions, cleaning up and reusing the space for the use and benefit of children and other members of the neighbourhood.

Night at Arts Factory

Don’t miss the opportunity to know one of the best artistic projects in Cuba. An intellectual center with live music, arts expositions, fashion shows accompanied by cocteles or coffee. With a marked social and community focus, It’s located in an old oil factory, you may mingle with artis, musics and other local customers.

A night at Tropicana Cabaret

Travel back in time and know the world-famous Tropicana cabaret. You will enjoy a performance with unique choreographies, a mix of Caribbean sensuality and Cuban elegance. Note: The dress code must be followed (semi-formal)