Cuban Revolution Tour: A Journey Through History

Explore Havana with our local expert, visiting the Museum of The Revolution, the Revolution Square, The José Martí Memorial, local marketplaces, private markets, and government businesses. Experience the impressive atmosphere at Che Mausoleum in the town of Santa Clara and the landscape of the Bay of Pigs in Playa Larga. Savor a refreshing mojito at the historical Cuban National Hotel, and delve into the revolutionary past that echoes through the hallways of this iconic establishment.
Che-Guevara Mausoleum, Havana, Cuba
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Your Tour:

8 nights

9 days

12 meals

Up to 4 miles / day

Tour overview

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Vedado-Calles-Street Art
Immerse yourself into the history of the Cuban Revolution on this unique Cuban Revolution Tour. Over 9 days, delve into the cultural, social, and economic aspects of this pivotal period in Cuban history, from the early days of the Revolution to its enduring legacy. More than 60 years have passed since Fidel Castro and Che Guevara declared the triumph of the Revolution, a moment that has certainly marked the history of the island and its people. Through a blend of lectures, expert-led visits to key sites, and an authentic Cuban culinary experience, you’ll gain a profound understanding of the revolution’s impact on Cuba and its culture.

Program activities, schedules and personnel may change due to local circumstances.

In such an event, we will alert you as quickly as possible.

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Day by Day

Day 1

Overnight: Havana

The tour coordinator will greet everyone, and we will review the program schedule, emergency procedures and answer questions. After orientation we will set out with our tour coordinator to take a walk and explore the area around the hotel. At a restaurant, we will enjoy a welcome dinner with a delicious set menu.

Day 2

Overnight: Havana

Breakfast at the hotel. We will depart from the hotel by private bus towards Old Havana to meet a local expert who will lead a walking architecture tour of the area. We will continue visiting the Museum of The Revolution where we will learn about the history of Cuba from the early 1960s to the present time. In the afternoon a local expert will join us for a presentation on Cuban History through one of the best ways to get to know Cuban idiosyncrasy: music and the different Cuban rhythms.

Day 3

Breakfast at the hotel. We will take a private bus to Playa Larga. Check-in at Casas Particulares, private guest houses with all amenities which contribute to the local economy.

Afterwards we’ll go for a hike around Zapata swamp where the Bay of Pigs Invasion took place. A Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, It’s considered one of the world largest wetlands, being the habitat for the endangered Cuban crocodile, different types of amphibians, birds and different plants. 

At dinner time, we will enjoy delicious home-made food at Casas Particulares.

Day 4

Overnight:  Havana

Breakfast at the hotel. We will depart to Santa Clara, the first town liberated from the dictator Fulgencio Batista and key city of the Revolution. The first stop will be at the Tren Blindado (Spanish for armored train). Che Guevara and his small band of guerrillas derailed and captured a government armored train (after several hours of fierce combat) that was followed by the conquest of the entire city of Santa Clara.

Afterwards, we will have a unique experience and ride on a horse-drawn carriage that will get us to the Che-Guevara Mausoleum where we will learn more about this important figure.

Return to Havana.

Day 5

Overnight: Havana

Breakfast at the hotel. We will visit a private business, an Auto Repair classic car shop, where we will have the opportunity to have an exchange with the owner, ask questions and get to know how the system works in relation to the government.

Afterwards, we will take a fun tour and ride on a classic American car around Havana arriving at the Revolution Square, the venue of the most important politics celebrations. In the same Square, we will visit the José Martí Memorial, the highest tower in Havana with fantastic views of the city.

Day 6

Overnight: Havana

After breakfast at the hotel, we will depart to the National Hotel where we will take a tour through this beautiful building which isn’t only an international hotel, but also a national monument with neoclassical, neocolonial and art deco architecture. A fascinating experience recalling celebrities like Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra or Lucky Luciano.

To complete the experience, we will have free time at the hotel garden where you can enjoy a delicious and refreshing mojito.

At night, we will go to the San Carlos de la Cabaña, a colonial fort used to protect the town from pirate invasions in the past. You will be able to witness the cannon blast ceremony that takes place each night at 9 pm repeating the old tradition of the cannon blast which was used to give the sign of the city’s curfew, moment in which the doors of old Havana’s wall would close.

Day 7

Overnight: Havana

Breakfast at the hotel. We will spend the morning learning about the differences between the state-government owned markets and the private agricultural markets, where Cubans buy their vegetables and other food. We will choose the main ingredients for the cooking class we will have after the tour. We will learn how to make a delicious menu with true Cuban flavors. 

Free afternoon to explore or just relax.

Day 8

Overnight: Havana

Breakfast at the hotel. We will spend the morning learning about one of the main financial sectors: Cuban tobacco. A local expert will guide us through the factory where each day, Cubans workers make the artisanal cigars which are distributed around the world.

Afterwards, we will have time to visit the old warehouse at the Havana port, San José market, a huge local market where you can see the work of thousands of artisans. Free afternoon to pack, explore or just relax. 

Farewell dinner at a restaurant

Day 9

Transfer to the airport at a designated time.

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Tour Inclusions

Tour Pricing

Price per person based on double occupancy. Single supplement $375.

For a minimum of 15 pax.

Additional Experiences

Customize your trip according to your interests by adding any of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

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Extension-Varadero 2

Day Trip to Varadero Beach

The main touristic point in Cuba, Varadero. Don’t miss the opportunity to know one of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Enjoy their warm and crystal waters on this caribbean beach.
Extension-Social Project 4

Exchange with Social and Community Project

Visit a Social Project that revitalizes the area promoting the development of the community by creative, solidarity and participatory actions, cleaning up and reusing the space for the use and benefit of children and other members of the neighbourhood.
Extension-CDR 5

Meeting with a CDR (Committees for the Defense of the Revolution)

“¡En cada barrio, Revolución!” (“In every neighborhood, Revolution!”), It’s the slogan of the CDR proclaimed by Fidel Castro for the network of neighborhood committees across Cuba. The mission: Nowadays a kay role in community services. Experience first hand this organisation visiting and meeting with a CDR president.

A night at Tropicana Cabaret

Travel back in time and know the world-famous Tropicana cabaret. You will enjoy a performance with unique choreographies, a mix of Caribbean sensuality and Cuban elegance. Note: The dress code must be followed (semi-formal)

Visit a Santero or Babalawo

Dig deeper into Cuban Santería and experience the magic knowing a Babalawo or Santero, the priests in the Yoruba Religion. Make a Spiritual consultation and live the sensations to participate in a ritual.