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Travel Logistics Management for Spanish Studies Abroad

Spanish Studies Abroad

SSA promotes student learning
through university level cultural
travel programs in Spanish speaking countries

International Travel for U.S. University Students in Spanish Speaking Countries

Spanish Studies Abroad has been providing unique learning experiences in Latin American countries and Spain since 1969. They promote student learning through university level cultural travel programs, with the organizational assistance of Alandis Travel.


Customer-First Philosophy

One of the great challenges in our work is bringing to life the academic travel idea that the client has in mind. Often, they only come with a general concept or a theme that they would like to follow at a chosen destination, without any further specifics.

Between Spanish Studies Abroad and Alandis Travel, the idea moves from concept to a final day-by-day itinerary which meets Spanish Studies Abroad’s clients’ expectation, a task that is not always easy to get right. 

Once we define the program with the client, such as, for example Spanish History or architecture, we liaise with our local team to adapt the local offer to the client’s original idea and budget.

The Spanish Studies team has a wide offering of programs. For each destination assessment and activity suggestions, Alandis conducts thorough preliminary research on the feasibility of the program in the specific location. Once the custom program is accepted, we start looking for the necessary personnel to offer an authentic cultural immersion experience.

At Alandis we believe that the human element is fundamental for the development of a quality program, which is why we carefully choose the appropriate professionals in each specific field.

Responding to the client’s needs has been a key factor in consolidating SSA as a customer for many years.

Differentiated service to meet SSA expectations

The lockdown led to a massive overhaul of the SSA team. Alandis’ stability, expertise and customized service was a key factor in being able to continue offering an optimal service, and maintaining program integrity and continuity throughout this period.

In order to continue the academic and cultural services to students who were taking their programs in the different destinations of Spanish Studies Abroad, Alandis contributed to the conversion of the online programs, so that students could complete their studies and obtain their university credits.

Simplicity in process management

Alandis directs and manages the groups, providing our clients with peace of mind and security. We have helped Spanish Studies to navigate adversity or unpredictable events such as hurricanes, itinerary changes and a myriad of unforeseen events that SSA needs to address firmly and decisively.  

Managing groups can sometimes be a difficult task, particularly in periods of high demand or when registering students and having documentation on time is essential. Alandis helps to organize the client by pre-establishing travel dates and implementing processes to help organize Spanish Studies’ end clients.

Other times there are also significant administrative challenges in Spanish Studies Abroad destinations such as Cuba, where unforeseen situations can change from one moment to the next. Alandis is very good at responding to this and sorting out issues before Spanish Studies knows/the end-client needs to know. You might organize a trip to a museum to find it to be unexpectedly closed upon arrival.

Alandis comes up with backup itineraries to make sure that there is zero down time, with the same academic level and interest for students. This has allowed us to create cultural and academic programs with the same integrity and quality for the students.

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Authentic experiences and cultural immersion

In order to promote the culture of travel as a means of study, especially with regard to society, culture and language, Spanish Studies Abroad offers different services to its students like speaking partners, tutoring programs with local kids, and internships amongst others. 

For our clients, the success of these programs is of vital importance, that is why Alandis Travel takes care of the details and guarantees that the experience is really special for them.

Alandis organizes and offers support for all cultural immersion activities, allowing a greater educational and cultural understanding of the destination, thanks to which students have been able to forge unforgettable memories and experience international friendships that last many years.

Join us

I have always been very impressed with the diligence and efficiency of the Alandis Travel team. Every time I have requested a proposal, a price quote or suggestions for new cultural activities, the team has responded almost immediately with flexibility and creativity; this is very much appreciated from the client’s point of view. They also pay attention to detail. The itineraries are carefully crafted and there is always a “Plan B” if an activity gets cancelled for reasons beyond their control. The team is very friendly and professional and I highly recommend their services without hesitation.
Profile photo Michelle Duran
Dr. Michelle Durán
Director of Academic Affairs
Spanish Studies Abroad