Empowering Narratives: A Group Tour Celebrating Women’s Triumphs in Puerto Rico

Gain insight into the importance of women in Puerto Rico through specialized conferences, shedding light on their impactful roles and inspiring accomplishments. Venture into local women-led businesses, diving into discussions about their challenges, aspirations, and upcoming projects, fostering a deeper understanding of women’s entrepreneurial spirit. Explore the enchanting cities of Loíza, Ponce, and Adjuntas, each a testament to the enduring legacy and diverse contributions of women. Immerse in the cultural richness and feel the heartbeat of Puerto Rico through the lens of women’s visionary leadership.
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Embark on an enlightening journey through Puerto Rico, exploring the instrumental roles and significant contributions of women across various sectors. This group tour offers a panorama of women’s empowerment, from thriving women entrepreneurs to compassionate philanthropists and humanitarians. Traverse through San Juan’s local businesses, engage with a social organization in Loíza, and delve into the island’s culture, uncovering the remarkable narrative of women’s triumphs in Puerto Rico.

Las actividades del programa, horarios y personal pueden cambiar debido a circunstancias locales.

En tal caso, le avisaremos lo antes posible.

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Itinerario Detallado

Día 1

Pernoctación: San Juan

El responsable de grupo nos dará la bienvenida y veremos el horario del programa, los procedimientos de emergencia y resolveremos dudas. Después de la orientación, saldremos del hotel para dar un paseo y explorar la zona de alrededor. Tras el paseo disfrutaremos de una deliciosa cena de bienvenida en un restaurante local.

Día 2

Pernoctación: San Juan

Breakfast at hotel. We will set out with a local expert for a lecture on Women’s Rights in Puerto Rico. Then, we will depart for Old San Juan to visit the Felisa Rincón Foundation and its museum. It was created in 1985 to perpetuate Doña Felisa’s extraordinary contribution to Puerto Rico and in particular to the rights of Puerto Rican women. Her life of service is intended to be a source of inspiration for Puerto Rican youth and to serve as a model of civic responsibility, representing the ideals of an honest, efficient and humanitarian municipal administration. After such an interesting visit, we will go together to enjoy a delicious lunch.

Right after that we will go to a local business owned by a female entrepreneur, Tereques La Tiendita. The owner will talk to us about how the project came about and the challenges and projects they hope to achieve in the future.

Día 3

Pernoctación: San Juan

Breakfast at hotel. We will depart by bus to the town of Cataño, from where you will see the breathtaking view of the Bay of San Juan and El Morro Fort. From Cataño, we will take a ferry to cross the Bay of San Juan where we will enjoy a walking guided tour around San Juan, covering the major points of interest. We will walk to our cooking class, where we will learn how to prepare the famous Puerto Rican dish Mofongo and there we will enjoy our own creation for lunch. Finally, after lunch, we will end our day with a visit to the El Morro Castle, the largest fortress built in the New World, where students will have a guided tour of the castle. At the end of the trip, you’ll have the opportunity to return to the hotel or explore the area on your own. 

Día 4

Pernoctación: San Juan

Breakfast at hotel. We we will set out with a local expert for a lecture given by Hogar Nueva Mujer personnel at the hotel, where we will learn about this organization that helps women victims of gender-based violence. Right after, we will depart for Sila M. Calderón Foundation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that provides training services through economic and community development initiatives and programs. At the end of the tour, you will have the rest of the day free to explore on your own.

Día 5

Pernoctación: San Juan

We will have breakfast at the hotel, our bus will be waiting for us to take us to Loíza Aldea, an Afro-Caribbean community in the northwest of the island. Here we will visit the village and Taller Salud, a feminist organization dedicated to improving women’s access to health care, reducing violence in community settings, and promoting economic development through education and activism. Afterwards we will go to Piñones where we will enjoy a Creole meal in the kioskos. And finally we will visit the Santa Maria cave. At the end of the day, we will return together to the hotel in San Juan.

Día 6

Overnight: Adjuntas

Tras el desayuno en el hotel, saldremos de excursión para visitar Comunidad Casa Pueblo in Adjuntas, a town in the center of the island, a community self-management project that is committed to the appreciation and protection of natural, cultural and human resources. The visit includes a guided tour to visit different areas of interest of the place such as:  their solar energy system, solar cinema, hydroponic system, plant nursery, and butterfly garden.  Then, we will have lunch together in Adjuntas and we’ll visit the Bosque Escuela La Olimpiaun proyecto sostenible perteneciente a la Comunidad Casa Pueblo organization. After this visit, we will check in at the hotel in Adjuntas.

Día 7

Pernoctación: San Juan

In the morning and after enjoying breakfast, we will pick up our belongings and leave for the city of Ponce. After a short walking tour, we will visit the Parque de Bombas (Old Fire Station) to discover this unique and colorful building. After this, we will go to a local restaurant to enjoy a delicious lunch together. With our batteries recharged, we will continue to the Castillo Serrallés, a castle turned museum with information about the sugar cane industry and its impact on the economy of Puerto Rico. Then, we will take the bus back to San Juan.

Día 8

Pernoctación: San Juan


Desayunaremos en el hotel e iremos a visitar un negocio local dirigido por una mujer, donde nos contará su experiencia como mujer empresaria y los retos a los que se enfrenta en el mercado puertorriqueño. Al final de la visita, tendrá el resto del día libre para explorar por su cuenta).

Día 9

Pernoctación: San Juan

Breakfast at hotel. In the morning our private bus will be waiting for us to go to El Yunque National Rainforest, the only tropical rainforest in the national forest system. With nearly 29,000 acres, it is one of the smallest in size, yet one of the most biologically diverse. Come experience the breathtaking scenery, clear mountain rivers, and outdoor recreation through a short hiking adventure. Afterwards, we will take our bus to Luquillo beach where you’ll have the opportunity to taste a traditional lunch in its kioskos on your own and enjoy the afternoon at the beach. In the late afternoon we will depart to Fajardo, a nearby town, to enjoy a delicious farewell dinner and experience the most exciting activity of the trip: a kayak tour through the Bioluminescent Bay of Fajardo. We will return to the hotel in San Juan in the evening.

Día 10

Desayuno en el Hotel. Traslado al aeropuerto a la hora indicada.

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Price per person based on double occupancy. Single supplement $660.

Para un mínimo de 15 personas.

Experiencias Adicionales

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Music and Dance Workshop

Taller de música y baile Puertorriqueña

Un grupo de música local nos explicará los nombres y sonidos de los instrumentos utilizados en la canción tradicional puertorriqueña, así como las prendas típicas utilizadas en los diferentes trajes asociados a los distintos bailes y géneros musicales. Por último, aprenderemos los movimientos básicos de bailes emblemáticos como la Bomba y Plena, la salsa y el cuembé.
Alquiler de Helicóptero

Alquiler de Helicóptero

Personaliza un increíble tour por aire. Desde el Viejo San Juan hasta las playas de las islas exteriores, esta perspectiva aérea ofrecerá a sus clientes las mejores vistas de la isla. Vea San Juan desde el cielo en un tour en helicóptero.