High School Group Exchange Program

Alandis Travel provides customized high school group exchange programs with local high schools in Seville, Spain

What is a high school group exchange program?

Alandis’ High School Group Exchange Program is a cultural immersion experience consisting of an exchange of students from one high school to another, with the option of living with the same family as the student you are exchanging with.

Although the norm is to live 24/7 with a host family, if the high school does not have the option of hosting students in families, the exchange may also be organized through student residences.

High school group exchanges are of short duration, typically lasting anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

Nuestro objetivo es benefit high school students personally, educationally, and culturally thanks to genuine, authentic immersion.

Group exchange programs are a unique opportunity for students to experience a new culture, learn a new languagey gain valuable skills que tendrá benefit them in their future academic and professional pursuits.

Your high school students will also make new friends from different parts of the worldy broaden their perspectives on global issues.


All Alandis high school group exchanges take place in Seville, Spain.

Benefits of high school group exchange programs

What to expect on an Alandis group exchange program?

Student partners

Students are normally placed with local partners from the exchange school and will be guided through their trip by the student and their family


Your students will have intensive language, cultural and history classes


Homestays or residence with other local and international students

Cultural encounters

Discover new sports & hobbies such as kayaking, sevillanas dance classes, local cinema trips, flamenco shows, local cooking classes, local music concerts, and ceramic workshops

IMG 20230419 WA0034
Estudiantes de Alandis en la Plaza de España, Sevilla, España

Health & Safety

We provide group insurance coverage, exchange rules, 24/7 support & care, and other benefits

Religious activities

Optional religious activities are available such as mass, holy week, and more

Short local trips

Discover the local region with short excursions to neighbouring hotspots rich with Christian, Jewish and Moorish culture

Guided Tours

Bus tours, local tours, guided visits, day trips, adventure activities

How does it work?

Envíanos tu petición

Solicite una reunión o envíenos un mensaje a través de nuestro formulario de contacto. Nuestros especialistas en itinerarios se pondrán en contacto con usted en breve para recabar más información.

Nosotros nos ocupamos de los detalles

Nuestros especialistas en itinerarios elaborarán y presentarán una propuesta inicial para que usted la revise. Después, podrá realizar los cambios que sean necesarios hasta que se sienta satisfecho con el acuerdo.

¡Envía a tu grupo!

Una vez finalizado y firmado el contrato, te acompañaremos durante todo el proceso, asesorándote y guiándote para ayudar a satisfacer las necesidades de tu grupo.

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What is the pricing for teachers and chaperones

At our organization, we deeply appreciate the dedication and commitment of teachers who accompany students on our educational trips to Spain and other study abroad programs. We understand the logistical challenges involved in organizing and bringing larger groups to Spain, and we want to make the experience as rewarding as possible for teacher-chaperones. That’s why we offer a range of exciting incentives, including:

  • Complimentary accommodations, with options such as homestays, hotels, or apartments.
  • Engaging workshops or classes at no cost.
  • Full participation in all activities and excursions, completely free of charge.
  • Complimentary airfare for selected cases.
  • Generous stipends to support additional expenses.

Please note that these incentives are tailored on a case-by-case basis and certain terms and conditions apply. The specific benefits we can offer will depend on factors such as group size, arrival date, and the nature and location of the program you choose. To explore the potential benefits in more detail and discuss your options, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

We're not sure what additional activities to include, can you help us to plan the trip?

Of course! We work with all our partners to customize the perfect experience. We’ve done this many times so we urge you to share your aims so we can help suggest appropriate activities and more.

We’re also happy to share promotional, organizational, and safety resources to help you plan your trip accordingly.


What security measures do you put in place to look after our students?

Our greatest priority is your students’ safety, which is why we have one of the best developed protocols in the industry.

We take student health and safety very seriously and therefore have strict safety protocols that we follow in every group exchange program. We also have some more general school trip rules that we agree with you and your students before you leave.

Do you help us with trip planning and marketing?

Yes! We walk you through the whole planning process making suggestions throughout. We also offer personalized material and guidance to help you market your group exchange program internally.

I'm interested in more information, who do I contact?

Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page, or write to [email protected] and we’ll respond within 48 hours.

Students Feedback

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¿Desea recibir actualizaciones mensuales del sector de los viajes educativos?

Únase a la comunidad Alandis y reciba una vez al mes mensajes de correo electrónico sin complicaciones para estar al día de las últimas novedades en materia de viajes para las instituciones educativas.

Testimonios y estudios de caso de instituciones educativas

Tenemos un historial de colaboración con más de 80 fantásticas instituciones educativas.

Programas de Secundaria

Our high school academic programs are a great opportunity to prepare for a more global world through our linguistic and cultural immersion programs. Students will be able to develop their linguistic, social and intercultural skills through an international program designed to prepare them for their future. 

With our summer programs, students can enjoy a true cultural immersion experience in our destinations through immersion activities. High school programs may include Spanish classes, language exchanges with local students, social and community services, cultural visits that will help better understand the local culture, specialized lectures, homestays with local families to improve language and cultural skills.

Visitas de los asesores

¿Le gustaría visitar personalmente uno de nuestros centros para experimentar nuestros programas de primera mano antes de traer a sus grupos?

Alandis estará encantado de cubrir sus gastos in situ y subvencionar el alojamiento, las comidas y los gastos de viaje locales.


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