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Senior Educational trips to Spain & Cuba for Road Scholar

Programas de estudios internacionales en España y Cuba para la Universidad de Maryland.

The University of Maryland is a world leader in entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as one of the most important public research universities in the country. 

They encourage the empowerment of their students through cultural immersion programs, which they integrate with the university’s curriculum in all disciplines, with the goal of developing intercultural skills that will enable them to become conscious and engaged global citizens.

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University of Maryland 2018 Cuba

Making a lasting impression

Alandis Travel manages study abroad trips for the University of Maryland in Spain and Cuba, to improve the Spanish language skills of its students and get to know the Spanish culture through linguistic immersion programs. 

Students can experience authentic intercultural experiences through activities such as conversation exchanges with locals, tutoring programs with young children, internships, and volunteering, among many other activities. These activities allow them to expand their vision of the world through an authentic culturally immersive experience.  Alandis Travel has customized a wide variety of programs heavily linked to their international study program course content, covering a wide range of topics such as architecture, languages, culture, art, health, and social justice amongst many others, through periods of January, Spring and Summer.

We guarantee extremely high quality on our trips thanks to rigorous attention to detail. On such trips customer safety and communication with the University of Maryland team is of upmost importante, so we put extra measures in place to keep them in the loop as well as facilitate program planning.

We offer constant support to the groups at all times, to design the best customized trips, through a traceable, efficient and safe process, adapting to changing situations.  Our goal is to provide an enriching learning environment in a short period of time, through authentic and exclusive experiences. Alandis Travel is the reliable partner to accompany your groups.

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“The Department of Spanish and Portuguese (SPAP) at the University of Maryland, College Park, has been partnering with Spanish Studies/Alandis Travel for over 10 years under the leadership of our Department’s Chair, Dr. Eyda Merediz. In 2014, I was assigned to become the new Program Director for our undergraduate Winter Program in Seville, Spain.

I could not speak more highly of their professionalism and excellent customer service. They are problem solvers, pay attention to every detail on our schedule so our students can have the best cultural and academic experience possible, besides they are available 24/7. Every year every participant on the program raves about the well-rounded and knowledgeable tour guides, the overnight trip accommodations and the excellent transit to the sites visited. Our partnership has grown during these past seven years, even more so during the pandemic as we continue to work together for another successful program this Winter 2022. Because of their highly organized programs and travel offerings, other UMD departments have started to partner with Spanish Studies/Alandis Travel.

I highly recommend this company to any higher education organization, educator and/or individual planning an academic and cultural experience in Southern Spain or beyond.”

Ginette Eldredge
Ginette Alomar Eldredge, PhD
Departamento de Español y Portugués, Universidad de Maryland