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Senior Educational trips to Spain & Cuba for Road Scholar

Road Scholar: Educational Travel & Learning Adventures

Experiential learning through educational trips for lifelong learners: in Spain since 1985

Road Scholar is a not-for-profit organization, and has been a leader in educational travel for adults since 1975. They provide learning adventures to inspire people to learn, discover and travel. They offer 5,500 learning adventures in 150 countries, serving more than 100,000 participants per year.

Explorers, adventurers and students of the world

Throughout our long history with Road Scholar we have provided group travel in Spain and Cuba, inspiring non-conformist travelers with an avid passion for knowledge and learning to discover a new way of traveling.

Through our programs, Road Scholar participants deepen their knowledge of each destination through greater cultural understanding, participating in lectures and workshops that transform their socio-cultural appreciation. They discover history, culture, architecture, gastronomy, and society, among other aspects, allowing participants to become explorers, adventurers and students of the world.

Alandis Travel is responsible for organising the operational logistics of these trips including the creation and maintenance of Specific Program Information (SPIs), which include program content, preparatory materials, as well as participant and customer service communications. We also manage the study courses, engaging and training local educators, lecturers, group leaders, and any other temporary staff following Road Scholar’s philosophy and standards.

Continuous innovation

Road Scholar has consolidated its expansion through growth over the years, consistently raising the bar, developing new working processes and ways to meet tremendous standards of quality. 

Both a challenge and an opportunity for Alandis, we make an immense effort to stay ahead of their updates and changes thanks to our excellent ongoing communication with the organization, ongoing training of our staff and through annual provider meetings. This has allowed us to grow together, and to create new initiatives and program opportunities, adapting to the latest needs of the industry.

During the pandemic we have faced the great challenge of continuing to offer our services at a distance. We now also offer virtual classes, with fully engaged lectures, and discussions that virtually recreate our experiences in Spain.

Safety & communication as a priority

We demand the highest standards of health & safety from our entire team – now more than ever – to deliver the best educational adventures with your customers’ well-being as a priority. We expect our trips to be carefree, and the extensive experience of our group leaders allows you to enjoy a safe trip, following established safety protocols and exceeding travelers expectations through our guided experiences.

Continuous and effective communication remains a key facet of our service to Road Scholar at a time of ever-changing travel restrictions. We continue to expand safety information and develop additional protocols to be followed on all of our trips and at each destination.

We also ensure that we maintain the quality of our services by including post-program evaluations, a quarterly relationship survey, participant service evaluations and ongoing monitoring by Program Department staff.

Travel as a way of life: unique, authentic local experiences

Thanks to our collaboration as Road Scholar providers, we have been able to facilitate the management of programs in Spain through our wide network of local suppliers, adjusting to their budget margins, and providing quick resolution of incidents and 24/7 availability.

We offer Road Scholar a wide variety of programs including tours throughout Spain, as well as combined trips to Spain and Morocco and ‘Living & Learning’ experiences, where you can experience daily life as a local.  The distinction of our programs lies in the depth, breadth and quality of their educational content which is transmitted through lectures, hands-on experiences and enrichment activities, and insight from local experts and group leaders. Participants can really interact with locals and understand what motivates them and holds them back.

What makes our tours even more special is the attention to detail from our entire team to meet the highest expectations of Road Scholar and its customers, offering the best educational experience and adapting to new trends in the sector. We work hard to offer exciting new experiences and reinvent ourselves in a way that strengthens the companies we work with. We offer our guidance to other tour operators to reduce their costs and find them new opportunities through our extensive knowledge of the industry and our work.

Únete a nosotros

“Road Scholar has been working closely with Alandis for over 35 years, and over this time our relationship has grown from strength to strength.

Consideramos que Alandis es nuestro socio experto en el sur de España, y sabemos que tanto nosotros como nuestros participantes tenemos siempre garantizado un servicio rápido, profesional y amable.

Road Scholar travelers are “lifelong learners” from all over the US and Canada, who have very specific educational and cultural requirements whilst “on the road”. We can be sure that all staff at Alandis Travel meet their needs —from the wonderfully innovative Spanish teaching staff who give classes on our 6-week Living and Learning programs, to the pastoral care and superb attention to detail provided by Eugenia López and colleagues at the language centre, the top-notch Group Leaders who lead programs around Spain, and the carefully selected lecturers who present information in a fun yet educational way, we know that Road Scholar participants are always in excellent hands.”

Profile Photo Michelle Capocchi Road Scholar
Regional Director Spain and Portugal at Road Scholar